How to Choose your Crystal
Choosing a crystal is often more a matter of allowing yourself to be chosen by the crystal. When selecting a crystal from those on display allow yourself to be guided by your instinct, rather than picking the first to hand. Often a crystal will appeal to you, even though it may not be the most “attractive” of those on display.
Often a found stone from the river or beach is as powerful as a ‘crystal’ that you have purchased. It is possible to choose crystals to be given to other people, but do so whilst holding thoughts of that person in your mind. Sometimes you will find that a crystal wants to leave you and you may feel the urge to give it to another person, or you may simply lose it. Let the crystal go, as it obviously has finished it’s work with you.

How to choose crystals and healing gems online

Shopping online is fast becoming an extremely popular way to buy items we normally go out to purchase.  Its becoming evident that people are preferring to be in the comfort of their own home to do their buying.  It certainly beats battling the shopping centre, car parks and then finding what you want. 
Crystals are a very personal item.  Some people have vast collections of crystals, rocks and mineral specimens and others use the crystals for healing and for the metaphysical and health benefits of the individual stones.  As a marketeer, each Sunday I have the opportunity to watch how people choose crystals.  The most common methods are. 1. What catches the eye, where people scan the crystals to see which crystal their eye gazes to first. 2. Feel the crystals energy. This is common among energy sensitive people. 3. Reading the metaphysical properties of each stone to see which one fits what they need at the time.
Buying crystals online can be difficult if you like to feel the crystals you are wanting to purchase, and trying to decide if this crystal will look how it will in the ‘flesh’ after you receive it.  Photos can be very deceiving as the colours change, it may look bigger etc.  Its important to make sure you have a ruler with you and check each description for the size so you know exactly what you are getting.  If you are not happy with the photo or you would like to see more of the crystal, just ask the seller to send you more pictures of a particular stone. 
Visual people will automatically go for the pretty stones and they buy what they see.  If this is you then make sure you are happy with what you see.  Ask the seller to send you more photos if you would like to see the other side or something close up.  People ask me this all the time and Im happy to do this. Make sure you check the metaphysical description to see if what attracts you fits you in any way.  Most people find it astounding that when they chose a stone the description fits them and the crystal sings to their heart when they realise they have chosen a stone for them. 
A great way of choosing a stone online if you like to ‘feel’ the stones is to program a clear quartz crystal.  It only has to be a tumble stone if you like.  What you do is program this crystal to be your guide for feeling the energies of crystals you are viewing online.  With a cleansed clear quartz crystal, hold it in your right hand and say ‘I dedicate this crystal to be my guide in finding crystals that will help me in
 (whatever you are wanting or needing at that time), or just that.  ‘Help me find a crystal for me NOW.’ After you have dedicated your crystal the next thing you say whilst still holding your crystal is ‘so be it – amen’.  (Amen means ‘I believe’ – this will give power to your dedication).  Now you are ready to go online crystal shopping.  When you find a stone you like, hold your crystal and ask the crystal to let you feel the energy of the stone you are looking at.  Breathe deeply and gaze at the photo on your computer screen.  Before long you will feel the energies of each individual stone.  If you practice this often your crystal will build power and become your shopping girlfriend, and you will always be able to trust in her, and she will always tell you the truth.  Make sure you clear your mind and remember to breath.  . 
Pendulums are a handy tool to find out just about anything.  You can use a pendulum to ask questions about a particular stone, and to see if it is going to match what you are needing at that time.  Knowing the metaphysical properties are one thing, but asking the pendulum is something else.
Now you are ready to confidently buy your healing stones online.  May you have a wonderful experience.