Cleansing your Crystals

Cleansing your crystals is very important.  When you first receive a new crystal you must cleanse it of any energy it has absorbed before. You also need to cleanse a crystal after each use such as healing, meditation or just holding onto it for the day.   You can tell that a crystal needs to be cleansed by holding the crystal in your hand (if you are energy sensitive) or by the ‘spark’ the crystal has.  If your crystal has become dull, or darker in colour its likely that it needs a cleanse.  When you see a cleansed crystal it is full of light, shiny and sparkly.  It looks clear and has an aura.  This is how you know your crystal has been cleansed properly.  Below is many different methods of cleansing your crystals.  You may use a few methods together or just one.  Go with what you feel is right for you and the crystal.  Following your intuition is best.

Mother Earth

Mother earth is a powerful cleanser of our human body as well as our mineral friends.  Crystal come from the earth so they love to be placed on the earth to absorb the healing energies.  You may bury the stone pointing down for deep cleansing.  Make sure you know where you have put it by marking the area or placing it in a natural fiber sock before burying it with the top sticking out.



Each full moon is a wonderful ritual you can do for yourself and your crystals.  Take some time placing your crystals on the earth (i normally make a medicine wheel out of them).  Let them bath in the moonlight all night and take them in again in the early morning.  I usually like to leave them long enough to get some early morning sunlight as well.  Don’t leave them in the sun for long as this may fade the colours of the stones.  I do this with all of my crystals each full moon if they are cleansed or not.  Its wonderful for recharging.


Placing your crystals under cool running water is a simple, quick method of cleansing.  I usually imagine that the crystals are under a white light waterfall and i watch the light penetrate the crystals on its way down.  They sparkle and shine after this.  Please be aware that porous crystals such as selenite, angelite, celestite and many natural unpolished mineral specimens must not be wet as they will crumble or loose their luster and shine.  Other methods are best for these types of stone.

Sea Salt

Placing your crystals in dry sea salt will negate the crystals of all energies.  It is a powerful way of cleansing your crystals.  Place some dry fine sea salt into a glass or crystal bowl and cover your crystals completely, taking care not to have them touching each other.  Depending on the humidity the more porous crystals will not like this method.

Crystal Clearing Gem Elixir

The Crystal Clearing Essence is a gem elixir in my newest batch of gem elixirs available.  It is made from very clear and clean stones that are a representative of cleansed crystals and cleansing.  They were all individually programmed especially for cleansing crystals.  Spray your crystals with the mist making sure it falls over all surfaces of the crystal.  I have used this essence extensively, and the clearing is immediate, the crystals love it.


Fire is a great cleanser of our soul as with the crystals.  You may place your crystals next to or near a fire (making sure they dont get too hot or they will crack) to cleanse or pass them through a flame of a candle.


Reiki is a powerful pure healing energy.  It is one of my favourite cleansing methods opf crystals as the energies are so beautiful.  Hold the crystal in your hand if you are attuned and enjoy the meditation.  You may also use symbols over them.  The crystal will not only cleanse but will also take on the healing energy of reiki.

White Sage Smudge

Smudging with Organic White Sage to cleanse your crystals is an enjoyable way.  Using a feather fan first of all smudge yourself making sure the smoke goes over your whole aura.  Once you have been done you may now fan the smoke over the crystals.  Alternatively you can just pass the stone through the smoke.  Make sure you breath deeply as sage is a fantastic herb for the lungs. Another way to use the herbs is to place the crystals directly on the dry herb. Only use organic herbs.

Amethyst and Citrine Clusters

Placing your crystals on clusters is a ‘set and forget’ way to cleanse.  Amethyst and Citrine Clusters are the most popular.  Pop them on for a few days or so and you will know when they are ready.


Simply find a quite space, breath deeply, hold the crystal in your right hand and ask the angels to cleanse your crystal.