Crystals For Beginners Online Crystal Course

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Dive Into The Secrets Of Aligning With Crystals To Raise Your Frequency So That You Are Illuminating An Aura Of Spiritual Wellbeing And Radiance.

Activate Crystals Into Your Everyday,
For Vibrational Nourishment  

I have put together this course from my expertise, and the cream of my knowledge, so you don’t have to anywhere else to learn about crystals.

Your friends and family will notice your shining light, your general wellbeing will improve, you will find yourself more happy and enjoying your life with simple daily practices on how to use, take care of and manifest with crystals. 

This course is the ultimate beginners guide, a clear and concise crystal education that will have you using your crystals daily, and bringing them into your life to enhance your wellbeing, spiritual practice, and to radiate with crystals.

Get Ready To Learn All About

Science History

Cleansing Dedicating

Auric Hygiene

Grounding Balancing

Manifesting Meditation

Grids Essences

  • What are crystals and how do they work (a little bit of science)
  • Brief History Lesson in Crystals and how they have been used over time.
  • Crystals and Chakras
  • ​How to Choose Your Crystals
  • ​An introduction to Crystal Shapes
  • ​Kylie’s Top 20 Must Have Crystals
  • ​Auric Hygiene and Crystals
  • ​Grounding with Crystals
  • ​How to enhance Inner Strength using Crystals
  • ​How to Balance Your Emotions With Crystals
  • ​How to Connect To Higher Realms
  • ​Cleansing Crystals
  • ​Meditation with Crystal
  • ​Manifestation with Crystals
  • ​How to Make Crystal Elixirs
  • ​Clearing your Everyday and Cleansing Your Environment
  • ​How to Build a Crystal Grid
  • ​How to build a Crystal Essence

Crystals For Beginners eCourse Helps You:

★ Bring Crystalline Light Into Your Auric Field To Access You Inner Radiance …
★ Remove Blockages And Balance Your Emotional Self …

 ★ Finally Use Your Crystals That Call You And You Don’t Know What To Do With Them ..

★ Make Your Own Crystal Vibrational Medicines And Grids …

★ Create magic in your life …… and Much, MUCH More!

If you’re a someone who collects crystals … who wants to know how to use them and how to radiate their inner light, understand that you will learn this:

★ Everyday practices to enhance your crystal experiences.

★ Connect with your inner self and reduce stress…

★ Shift consciousness into spiritual wellness and wellbeing …

★ Break through blockages in your life and manifest abundance …

42 Video Lessons, Over 6 Hours of Video

A FREE Bonus For You …

What if you could learn to meditate, accelerate your inner work, break through and evolve in less than 15 minutes per day?

Break through with … Six Powerful Guided Crystal Meditations

Work with the magic of crystal energy so you can deepen your connection to your inner self, remove your blocks, reduce stress, raise your frequency and radiance …. Its the secret to live a more aligned enriched and meaningful life. All in under 15 minutes per day.

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