The following links have some wonderful information about crystals, their meanings, shapes and how to use them. All of this information is work in progress as we add to the metaphysical descriptions.

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Metaphysical Description of Crystals

A-Z meanings of crystals. This page is work in progress.

Crystal Formations

Crystal formations and their meanings, read about Record Keepers, Isis crystals, time links, Devic Temples, Elestials and much more.

Choosing your crystals

How to choose crystals, and how to know what crystal to buy when shopping online. 

Dedicating Crystals

How to dedicate your crystals for a purpose such as bringing in happiness, abundance, health or a meditation aid.

Cleansing Crystals

10 Methods of cleansing crystals. Be sure to cleanse your crystals after each use.

Crystals and Chakras

Learn basic information about chakras, their colours and what crystals resonate with each chakra.