From Empath To Super Power With Crystals

Are you an empath? 

How to make it your super power with crystals …

I am an empath … and until I realised what an empath is, and how I am affected, life was difficult. Going out, being in crowds, connecting with people was very difficult and excruciating at times. I was highly sensitive, anxious, emotional and generally not knowing why I was feeling this way.

I soon learned that I was taking on other peoples energy, thoughts and emotions. I was an open connection where people poured their negative energy into, because they could. It was like I had a sign on my forehead that said … come and dump all your stuff on me. When I had this realisation, I was able to begin to control what was happening to me. I could consciously protect myself and avoid situations that would take my energy. But it wasn’t until I became aware of the crystals that could help protect me, when I really got big results.

The top crystals for Empaths are:

Black Tourmaline – Black Tourmaline is a crystal that will stop all energy reaching you, it will completely protect you from feeling or taking energy from other people. If you are a healer, psychic or reader, you will use this at all times, other than when you are reading or working.

Smoky Quartz – Smoky will help you to ground and transmute all negative energy. So if you find yourself with your head in the clouds, taken away by energies, smoky quartz is one crystal you cannot do without. Use Smoky, to Ground, Protect and transmute negative energy.

Amethyst – Amethyst is a fantastic all rounder, it has a protective energy, and will help you to connect to higher energies. A deeply calming crystal, so if you are working as a healer or psychic as most empaths end up doing, Amethyst is your working crystal.

In addition to crystals it really helps to be self aware, aware of your energy at all times so you can maker the boundary between yourself and others …. and cleanse your aura regularly. This is the key to transforming your gifts to your SUPER POWER !

Love Kylie