Libra Lunar Eclipse, How to use this energy with Crystals

Here is the ultimate guide for Lunar Eclipse Manifestations …You are missing out if you are not doing this

Using the natural cycles of our surroundings is the best way to amplify your manifestations if you know when to do it. And then if you use crystals to assist in expanding and anchoring your manifestations into your field, you can truely work magic. 

So first you need to understand the energies present to us now. 

So we have just had equinox on the back of the Pisces New Moon. So the Pisces new moon is the last new moon of the astrologicaL YEAR, SO ITS ABOUT DREAMING YOUR HIGHEST LIFE. And What will change for the new cycle. So we dream our our manifestations, write them down, and plan your future. Write it in present tense with gratitude. 

Something like … “it fills me with joy that I am sorrounded by the right people who love, inspire and support me, I am so grateful. Or, I am so excited that my income is flourishing and I am able to be free to live my life in a positive, healthy and generous way. Thank you.” 

Then on the 25th we have the Libra Lunar Eclipse, its a full moon on the moons nodes, Libra is the south node which is karmic, our past, what we are leaving behind. So to use this energy to enhance our manifestations…. By getting ready for what we need to let go of. What is leaving our lives, and if you want to manifest like crazy, then you need to analyse what is standing in your way of achieving your highest life. You see you need to make room, its like clearing out a corner of your home. bring in your crystals to work with, what you need to use are the following. 

Black Obsidian. Use Black obsidian to move through to new ground. Obsidian is volcanic glass. Imagine that lava does not stop and it flows through any pathway until it makes new ground. It doesnt care what is in the way, it just flows. 

Smoky Quartz is also needed at this time to transmute the unwanted energy you are ready to let go of. It will also ground you whilst going through this process.

Rose Quartz, for the grief of letting go, gentled healing traumas. also a libra crystal, and if you want to power up, use Morganite instead, 

Garnet to ground yourself into the root chakra of I AM (Aries). Garnet is a stone for vitality and enhances passion, for relationships as well as life.

Selenite, to connect to the light.and bring light into all of your wounds for healing.

What is it you need to leave behind? Is it that you feel unworthy? Not good enough, or maybe you have a trauma, or long held belief about yourself. 

So as the moon goes full, you are going to start to let go. Gather your crystals, cleanse them and set your intentions with them. Hold them (one at a time) in your right hand, and ask that the crystal assists you in releasing wall that is no longer needed, and any blockages that you may have that is affecting your ability to receive your manifestations. 

Write if you haven’t already, what it is that you are letting go. Fold the paper and place your programmed crystals with your intensions on top. Let them sit for 1-2 days. When you feel the time is right, take your list, And burn it with the intention to release what is blocking you, and standing in the way of your highest vision of yourself and your life. Make sure you bring your crystals with you. 

Bury the ashes in order to bring new life from the old. The crystals will help you to grieve and release the things you are letting go.  Sit for a while at the grave of your unwanted energy with your crystals, and ask them to move blocked energy, transmute negativity, and fill the spaces with light. This will bring the light into your field, and make it ready for the manifestations you will bring in in 2 weeks during the Solar eclipse.

Take time with this process, we have 2 weeks to do it, as then it will be the New moon in Aries, a powerful Solar eclipse and its a doozie, so we need to be clear on our manifestations, and have let go of what is standing in your way, as its prime time to manifest, the powerful eclipse, and first new moon of the astrological new year.

So save this video so you dont loose the instructions, and follow so that when the Solar Eclipse comes around on the date 9th off April, you will be ready to make powerful magic happen in your life.

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