Manifesting With Crystals During The Solar Eclipse

Using the natural cycles of our surroundings is the best way to amplify your manifestations if you know when to do it. And then if you use crystals to assist in expanding and anchoring your manifestations into your field, you can truely work magic. 

Its the solar eclipse, the new Moon in Aries in the early morning on 9th of March, After this eclipse, Its such a magical time to manifest our highest dreams into reality. Do you have your vision?

So the past 2 weeks has been all about purging, releasing and letting go all that has come up for you, as well as all that you no longer want in your life. If you go back to my previous videos on the eclipse, this will all be explained. 

And now that the Solar eclipse has passed, it is time to bring in your highest visions. Its not enough to think it, you must write it, create a vision board, you need to see it with your minds eye, and FEEL IT. Like you have it already, in this present moment. This brings your manifestations into your field, and anchors it into the physical realm. 

You see, the eclipse is a concentrated, powerful event that super charges and brings change. Change if you like it or not. If we are consciously aware, and able to bring into our field what it is we want, we are able to absolutely create magic and positive changes into our lives. Its up to us to work with these energies, so that we are able to make positive lasting changes. But we must do the work. This is why the releasing phase after the lunar eclipse is so important. It removes what is in the way, and it makes space for what is coming in. 

We have great opportunities to bring about our highest potential in this super charged time. And we need to be ready to take a leap of faith, because the leaps we can take are massive. What are you brining in. Get on the rocket, and propel yourself forward, the opportunity is now. Its a time for rapid personal growth … to rise in power … a sovereign being. 

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