Tiffany Stone

Tiffany Stone
Tiffany Stone

Tiffany Stone (Opalized Fluorite, Opal Fluorite, Purple Opal) is considered to be one of the most scarce, beautiful and unusual stones in the world. This stone is found in only one very small area of beryllium mines in Utah.

Highly energetic but subtle stone. It is for the third eye, helps with communication and interpretation of psychically received information of all kinds, including telepathic, channeled, clairaudience, clairvoyance, and others. Tiffany Stone aids connection to higher realms, and helps you to receive guidance. It will assist in enhancing any spiritual or psychic abilities due to its high vibration.

Energetically it is excellent for removing energy blockages of the meridians and chakras. Tiffany Stone is helpful emotionally by assisting transitions during changes of all kinds, engendering persistence and emotional strength, and verbalizing hidden or secret feelings.

It connects you to your higher heart and heart chakras, filling you with unconditional love and it can also stimulate sexual desire and passion.

Tiffany Stone is also beneficial for business and business success and is an all-around healing stone.

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