Turquoise Healing Properties & How To Use It

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Healing Properties Of Turquoise

Turquoise, is known as a master healer, a purification stone, and is excellent for spiritual attunement. Turquoise activates and balances in particular the heart, throat and third eye chakras It can assist with clairaundence and clairvoyant abilities, also providing access to past lives.

Its a great communication stone that helps to enhance connection with spirit. Turquoise is a stone of truth and integrity and will assist in walking and talking your own inner truth and that of the universe.

It balances and aligns all chakras, a calming and tranquil stone acting to improve meditation and further your peace of mind. It also has protective and shielding qualities. 

Turquoise is a healer of the spirit, it has also been known to guide through the unknown, protecting while promoting independence. Acts to enhance wisdom, understanding, trust and kindness, along with heightening intuition and communication on all levels.  

It is also said to stimulate the initiation of romantic love. 

Turquoise is considered as a master healer, promoting healing and removing negativity. 

Turquoise is connected to the element of water and the healing powers associated. It is a stone of overall wellbeing, and will bring a feeling of freshness, renewal and rejuvenation. Water is associated to the deep unconscious world, and also relates to the emotional body and will act to balance emotions.

Turquoise dates back to 5500 BC, and was used in Jewellery, carved into daggers, cups, Tombs and much more. It was believed to bring good fortune and strength.

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How To Use Turquoise

3 ways to use Turquoise 

Turquoise is a master healer, I wear it almost everyday.

Number 1 is wearing your turquoise in jewellery or put it in your bra or pocket. It will purify your energy and help you to feel fresh rejuvenated and emotionally balanced. It is also a protector, shielding you from unwanted energies.

Number 2. Meditating with your Turquoise. Sit with your Turquoise in your left hand, allow it to purify your energy, then clear your mind with the intention to activate your third eye so you can increase your psychic awareness on all levels or you can connect to higher realms and receive communication. You can also lay down with your turquoise on your third eye or throat chakra.

Number 3. Breathe with Turquoise. Hold turquoise over one chakra at a time, and breathe the turquoise into each chakra. It will sooth, balance and align your energy system. Its such a wonderful divine vibration, once you do it, you will always do it.

What Not To Do With Turquoise

Turquoise is porous, and should never ever be in water. If you wear turquoise jewellery, take it off before washing your hands or having a shower. If you emerge Turquoise, it may looks its lustre and colour, and begin to crumble.

Never spray fragrances over your turquoise while you are wearing it, or any stone for that matter. Perfumes can damage your turquoise and stain it. Keep fragrances away, even natural essential oils.

AND DONT DROP YOUR TURQUOISE !! If you drop it, you may break it.

Always be mindful and take care of your turquoise, and you will have it for a very long time.


For more information on the mineralogy of Turquoise, see Mindat here at this link. 

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